The first meeting of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's study group was held to discuss the utilization of renewable energy and decarbonization efforts at the airport, and concrete measures to reduce carbon dioxide emitted from the airport will be summarized by the end of this year. ..

The members of the study group were transportation policy experts and airport personnel from all over the country, and the first online meeting was held on the 8th.

At the beginning, Professor Hirotaka Yamauchi of Hitotsubashi University Graduate School, who chairs the committee, said, "Efforts to decarbonize both aircraft operations and airports are important, and it is necessary to cooperate with the local community."

The study group will discuss how to develop domestic airports as renewable energy bases, such as installing large-scale solar power generation facilities, taking advantage of the characteristics of airports with few tall buildings in the vicinity. That is.

In addition, in order to reduce carbon dioxide emitted from the airport, concrete measures such as LED lighting, electrification of vehicles used in the airport, and reduction of fuel consumption when the aircraft moves between the runway and the terminal are taken. I will consider it.

The study group will compile concrete measures by the end of the year.

Since the aviation industry emits more carbon dioxide than other means of transportation such as railroads, it is receiving strict attention worldwide, and since then, efforts to regulate emissions for international flights. Has begun.