The corona crisis does not seem to have slowed down the entrepreneurial drive in the Netherlands.

In the last six months of 2020, the Chamber of Commerce (KVK) had more start-ups than a year earlier.

How did these starters experience their first months?

This week we ask Arif Mentes and Ayoub Allach, founders of an online mortgage platform.

  • Who:

    Arif Mentes (20) and Ayoub Allach (21)

  • Company:

  • Started:

    October 2020

Why did you start your own company?


: "From an early age I have been fascinated by the idea of ​​having my own company. That is why I chose the minor Entrepreneurship for my study Finance & Control. The intention is that you devise a business concept and start your own company. My good friend Ayoub also took the minor. Together with his employer, Maarten Schuring, we have set up cheapest mortgages. "

Why mortgages?


: "We came up with the idea because for many people taking out a mortgage independently is still a step too far. They still lack the information to make the best choice. We want to make that process easier."


: "We want to innovate in the mortgage market. At the moment there are only two flavors when you want to take out a mortgage: calling in a mortgage adviser or execution only (taking out yourself, without help). With Cheapest Mortgages we offer a middle way between the two. With our fully automated platform you get all the information you need and then take out the mortgage yourself. "

“We start our business from scratch and have to build it from scratch.

That's hard work and long hours. ”

Arif Mentes, co-founder of Cheapest Mortgages

What do you like most about being an entrepreneur?


: "That you can work with your passion and earn a living with it. You have a lot more freedom than in paid employment, and actually unlimited opportunities for growth. We founded this company for the minor, but I want to be there. I would love to continue with it. The platform is already live and we are conducting a pilot with real users to see what we could still improve. "


: "What I like most is that you mainly work on yourself. It is the best time to meet yourself during your entrepreneurship. How do you deal with good and bad situations? You are challenged to perform tasks that you normally would never be able or willing to do. Since I started this, I have grown as a person. "

What do you find difficult about entrepreneurship?


: "We start our company from scratch and have to build it from scratch. That is hard work and long days. But we have enough ambition to do that. You also have to arrange everything yourself, from from marketing to administration. Fortunately, we had an explanation via the minor and from my studies I already had relevant knowledge about it. I also watched the webinar for starters of the Tax and Customs Administration and obtained information from it. "


: "Entrepreneurship itself is not something that is easy. If you have to start something from scratch, you can expect it to be difficult, especially at the beginning. It's just like sports. You have to prove yourself time and time again, until you are seen and recognized. "

Starter tip: administration

  • Ferry Hoogerheijde, start-up information officer for the Tax and Customs Administration: “It is important to set up proper administration right from the start of your company.

    You need this to maintain insight into your company but also to file tax returns.

    Do you want to keep track of your administration in a simple way?

    Then see if an online accounting package is something for you. ”

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