China News Service, Ma'anshan, March 7 (Liu Honghe, Han Xinliang) With the roar of the rotary excavator, the first pile foundation of the first section of the Nanjing (Nanjing)-Ma (Ma'anshan) Intercity Railway, which was constructed by China Railway Fourth Bureau and One Company, went smoothly on the 6th. The opening of the drilling marks the official start of the construction of the main project of the Ningma Intercity Railway.

  The Ningma Intercity Railway spans Jiangsu and Anhui, with a total length of 65.11 kilometers and a total of 20 stations, of which the Ma'anshan section is about 27.5 kilometers long and has 8 stations.

The Ningma Intercity Railway starts at Zhonghuamen Station, Nanjing Metro Line 1, and ends at Dangtu South Station, Ma'anshan City, Anhui Province.

Construction workers are measuring the depth of the borehole. Photo by Liu Honghe

  In order to ensure that the first pile was drilled smoothly, the construction unit continued to optimize the construction organization, overcome factors such as bad geology, and strive to minimize the impact of construction on the surrounding environment.

  It is understood that the Ningma Intercity Railway is a "golden channel" that promotes the integration of Ningma and Ningxia, and a demonstration project to build a "Nanjing metropolitan area" and promote regional integration in the Yangtze River Delta.

After the completion of the project, it can achieve the goal of 30 minutes of direct access between Nanjing and Ma'anshan, which is of great strategic significance for promoting Ma'anshan to fully connect with the Yangtze River Delta and deeply integrate into the Nanjing metropolitan area.