The largest single-capacity offshore wind power project in northern my country will start soon

  News from our newspaper (Reporter Liu Jing, correspondent Huo Shouyao) The reporter learned from the China Railway Construction Port and Shipping Administration that the Huaneng Dalian Zhuanghe offshore wind farm site IV1 project undertaken by the company is about to start construction, marking the single capacity of my country’s northern seas. The largest offshore wind power project will enter the full construction phase.

  It is reported that the project is invested and constructed by the Northeast Company of Huaneng Group. It is located in the sea area east of Shicheng Island, Zhuanghe City, Liaoning Province. The average water depth is 30 meters, the distance from the center of the site is about 35.2 kilometers from the shore, and the planned area is 55.8 square kilometers.

The project has an installed capacity of 350 MW and a total investment of 5.96 billion yuan. It is planned to install 25 6.2 MW wind turbines and 26 7.5 MW wind turbines, and build a 220 kV offshore with an upper modular steel structure weighing more than 3,900 tons. Boost station.

The geological conditions around the project site are complex, and the dissolution in the stratum is relatively strong.

In order to ensure the effective progress of the project, the Dalian Zhuanghe Offshore Wind Power Project Department of China Railway Construction Port and Shipping Bureau formulated a detailed project implementation plan, selected technical backbones to enrich the construction line, and deployed large-scale wind power installation ships and other marine equipment for coordinated operations.

It is understood that the implementation of the project will effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of the local energy structure, and will also make positive contributions to my country's realization of the "carbon peak" and "carbon neutral" goals.