Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN) is happy that the terraces can open again around Easter if the corona figures allow it.

But the perspective offered to the hospitality industry is insufficient, says director Dirk Beljaarts.

"It's a step, but a very small one. Absolutely insufficient," he says.

"We must ensure that the cabinet does not think that opening the terraces will help 'the catering industry'", says the director of KHN.

According to him, there are many catering establishments that do not have a terrace.

The entrepreneurs who do have a terrace will also be able to make much less turnover than normal.

Outgoing minister Hugo de Jonge said during the press conference that there will be a maximum number of guests at the table and on the terrace.

Beljaarts is "glad that something of perspective is now being offered, because that is definitely better than groping in the dark".

Last week, several entrepreneurs led by Johan de Vos, spokesperson for entrepreneurs from dozens of regional departments of the trade association, opened their terraces in protest.

De Vos thinks that this action has had an effect, given the fact that the terraces were discussed at all during the corona press conference.

"In the months before that, we weren't talked about at all. It looks like they've seen the light."

Pressure on hospitals must first decrease

Before the terraces can be opened, the pressure on the hospitals must first decrease and the virus must spread less quickly.

Now the so-called reproduction number is above 1, which means that every person infects at least one other person.

The peak of the third corona wave may come later than expected, but the outlook still does not look good, De Jonge said during the corona press conference.

The outlook is now forecasting the third wave peak in April.

If the worst scenarios come true, the hospitals will be as full in a month as they were last year, De Jonge warned.