Harbin, March 8th, title: "The iron lady of communication" on the northernmost railway: fiber optic cable cutover technology is not lost to men

  Author Shi Yifu Li Jie

  "You can't shake your hands, you can align it with one step!" Yang Wanrong, deputy director of the Tahe Communication Workshop of Qiqihar Telecom Department, reminded the two young employees of the workshop management team who were practicing optical cable cutover from time to time.

  Fiber optic cable cutover is usually the job of gay men. How can this be a female deputy director directing at the scene?

This has to be said from 8 years ago.

  An accidental work contact, Yang Wanrong, who was still a communication worker in the Jiagedaqi Communication Workshop at the time, saw the optical cable connection work and fell in love with this "craft" in his heart.

She used the rest time to "apprentice to learn skills" from experienced teachers, practice on-site during the day, and search for relevant information at night to familiarize herself with technical standards.

A month later, she took the initiative to invite Ying to participate in the full technical exhibition game, and achieved first place in the same field competition with 14 male cutovers.

  Later, she represented her unit in the same technical exhibition competition of the group company and won the third place and was awarded the title of "technical expert".

Since then, she has forged an indissoluble bond with the optical cable cutover!

  In April 2019, through a full open competition, the 43-year-old joined the Tahe Communication Workshop as the deputy director.

She is also the only lesbian among the 25 employees in the workshop.

  The workshop is located at the northernmost end of the national railway, and there are more than 500 kilometers of overhead lines in the pipeline.

Facing the current situation of severe shortage of staff and aging staff, in the past two years as the deputy director, she led the staff to complete more than ten long-distance optical cable cutover tasks.

In particular, during the inspection and cutover of two overhead 8-core optical cables between Tahe to Shiba Station and Shiba Station to Hanjiayuan on the Tahan Line, the restoration of 2 spare optical fibers was organized to eradicate the long-distance optical cable on the Tahan branch line without backup. .

  She also meticulously organized key tasks such as the rectification of optical cable terminals after the leveling of crossings and the introduction of long-distance optical cable specifications for communication equipment rooms, laying a solid foundation for the safety and standardization of workshops.

  Yang Wanrong at the job site was able to break the cable, strip the cable, enter the box, pre-wrap, thread the tube, cut the fiber, and weld.

"Pay attention to the line order and observe the attenuation value of the welding point. If it does not meet the standard, it must be remelted..." Yang Wanrong, who usually loves to talk and laugh, has a serious expression at this time, and her words are concise and powerful.

  Beads of sweat were oozing out of the young cutover's head.

The final two links of fiber collection and box sealing were over, and the cutover exercise was successfully completed.

"I don't panic with Director Yang's instructions, I have it in my hands!" The two did not forget to summarize when they packed their tools.

  "You are all masters of cutover, and you have the confidence to ensure safe driving." This "telecommunications iron lady" on the northernmost railway has regained his talking and laughing nature. "I consider myself a'female man', but they They say that I am'Snow White'. But I feel happier than Snow White. Snow White is surrounded by 7 dwarfs and 24 men by my side!" There was a laughter from the control class... (End)