Larger stores may again receive more customers from March 16.

Until now, the rule applied that stores were only allowed to receive two customers per floor, but for larger retail properties that was "really too crude a standard," said outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte during the press conference on Monday.

That is why the number of customers that a store can receive depends on the number of square meters of the building.

Small shops with an area of ​​up to 50 square meters are still only allowed to receive a maximum of two customers.

With a larger surface area, one extra customer may come per 25 square meters, with a maximum of fifty customers per store at the same time.

Customers still have to make an appointment to come and shop and are then given a time slot of at least ten minutes.

Rutte emphasized that it is not the intention to shop together with other people and that there must still be at least four hours between making the appointment and shopping itself.

Industry association INretail thinks the adjustment of the measure is good news.

"This was badly needed because the two-customer-per-floor rule does not work well for many stores," said a spokesman.