Shops want to open completely again, they also want to be able to sell non-food on the market, the tanning salon studios do not understand why they are still closed and the catering industry wants to open and see money from the government.

The various sector organizations have all gone to court, shopkeepers' club INretail kicked off on Monday.

Customers were already allowed to pick up orders in stores and since last week, consumers are also allowed to re-enter the store by appointment.

The market stalls are also predominantly there, but no non-food is allowed on markets.

The catering industry has had to do with only pick-up and delivery for months and the tanning salons are closed.

According to INretail, there is a threat of demolition in the shopping streets if the stores can only do partial business for longer.

According to the Central Association for Ambulatory Trade (CVAH), the market traders are working to make click & collect possible for the non-food stall holders in any case.

A lawsuit has been initiated to allow stalls with textiles, for example, to re-enter the market, but there is no date yet.

That date is already there for the tanning salons, but it will not be until the end of March.

"All parties must be able to", says a spokesperson for the trade association Samenwerking Verantwoord Zonnen (SVZ).

"We would have preferred it to be earlier, but we would rather just open."

The operators of tanning salons cannot accept that hairdressers and beauty salons are allowed to open, but they are not.

"We really understand that there are measures in connection with corona. But we don't understand this."

The case is due March 26.

The shopkeepers will receive a decision from the judge no later than 10 a.m. on Friday.

"Tens of thousands of jobs are at stake," warns INretail.

The catering industry is the leader in litigation

Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN) will be in court again on Tuesday.

The trade association for restaurants, hotels and bars has often faced the state attorney in court.

So far without success.

KHN is now running several cases.

Tuesday's case concerns the allowance for fixed costs.

"That allowance has been increased and would be paid out at the end of February. That has suddenly been postponed by sixteen weeks," said the spokesman.

"Entrepreneurs are already up to their ears in financial problems, this cannot be added."

KHN wants the compensation to be paid as an advance if necessary.

In addition, the organization is in proceedings on the merits because it believes that the State is acting unlawfully.

"Without clear substantiation and without compensating the damage."

An urgent procedure is also underway within the main proceedings.

"Because we just want to reopen as soon as possible."

The caretaker cabinet will also hold a press conference on the measures on Monday.