Despite the lockdown and higher sales, meal delivery company Deliveroo was unable to make a profit in 2020. The loss amounted to 224 million pounds (260.5 million euros), the company reports Monday.

Revenues rose sharply, from 2.5 billion to 4.1 billion pounds (4.7 billion euros).

The outbreak of the corona pandemic forced many restaurants to close.

This led to a growing popularity of meal delivery.

Earlier it became clear that the Dutch benefited from this, but Deliveroo also saw its sales clearly pluses.

According to the company, more than six million people worldwide placed at least one order through the Deliveroo platform last year, which has about 115,000 restaurants.

It increased the so-called gross transaction value from 64 percent to 4.1 billion pounds.

Nevertheless, there was no way to make a profit.

The bottom line was a deficit of £ 223.7 million, which was considerably lower than the year before, when there was a loss of £ 317.3 million (almost 370 million euros).

The meal delivery company is investing heavily in expanding its activities and is currently active in twelve countries.

Deliveroo officially announced last week that it is going public.

The company has opted for an IPO in London.

According to experts, this could yield an amount of 7 billion dollars (5.9 billion euros).