The government held an opinion exchange meeting with the financial industry to support the financing of companies that were hit by the spread of the new coronavirus at the end of the fiscal year, and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Aso was flexible I requested that you take action.

Among them, Deputy Prime Minister Aso said, "Various businesses are in a difficult situation due to the extension of the state of emergency. I want to. "

On top of that, many companies that have a grace period of about one year for repayment of principal with interest-free and unsecured loans will soon start repayment. I asked for a polite response such as extension.

On the other hand, financial institutions commented that the situation regarding cash flow varies depending on the company and region, and it is necessary to carefully observe the situation for each individual company and consider support. It means that.

In addition, at the opinion exchange meeting, it was confirmed that the government and related organizations will continue to cooperate with each other to promote support such as rebuilding the main business along with the cash flow of the company.