The charge for so-called cheap smartphone companies to rent a communication line from a major mobile phone company will be reduced from next month to about half of FY2019.

As price competition intensifies as major companies announce new plans one after another, it is expected that it will lead to price cuts for cheap smartphone companies.

Cheap smartphone companies that do not have their own communication lines pay a "connection fee" when renting communication lines from NTT DoCoMo, KDDI, and three major SoftBank companies.

The connection fee is calculated based on the forecast of demand and cost, but according to the connection fee for the new year from next month notified by the three major companies to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, it is expected to be reduced to about half of 2019 on average. It was.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has set a goal of halving the connection fee in the three years until 2022, and requested the three major companies to reduce it, but this can be achieved ahead of schedule.

Competition is fierce as major companies introduce new plans in response to the government's request for price cuts, but it is expected that the reduction of connection fees will lead to price reductions for cheap smartphone companies.