It turns out that Panasonic is making adjustments to acquire an American software company.

It is a company that develops a system that efficiently connects factories and warehouses with sales floors, and if it is realized, the investment amount may reach several hundred billion yen.

According to people familiar with the matter, it is the American software company "Blue Yonder" that is making adjustments in the direction of Panasonic's acquisition.

We are engaged in the development of so-called supply chain systems that efficiently connect factories and warehouses with sales floors, and have more than 3,300 customers worldwide, including Coca-Cola, a major beverage company in the United States, and DHL, a major logistics company in Germany.

Last year, Panasonic invested 86 billion yen to acquire 20% of the shares, and is in the process of making adjustments to purchase all the remaining shares.

If realized, the investment amount could be several hundred billion yen, which means that it is a large-scale project that can be the largest since making Sanyo Electric and Panasonic Electric Works a wholly owned subsidiary for about 800 billion yen in 2011. ..

Panasonic is expected to aim to develop high-value-added services worldwide by integrating hardware and software by combining products such as face recognition technology and sensors, which it specializes in, with Bruyonder's system. ..