There is a product that is insured among private equity funds in case the principal cannot be repaid.

Investors come to believe that the insurance company will cover the principal even if there is a problem with the product, but it is not one or two that the money is not returned even if the maturity has passed for a long time.

Reporter Jeong Da-eun covered the report.


Mr. A invested 200 million won in a trade finance fund of Fidelis Asset Management through Hyundai Motor Securities last year.

It was a private equity fund that invested in trade receivables delivered and received by a Hong Kong commodity trading company.

[Mr. A/Private Equity Investor: The interest rate is 5% and will be repaid one year early.

If payment is not made, there is no risk at all because it is guaranteed by 100% insurance company...

.] It

was due in October last year, but the principal was not returned.

It is said that the payment of accounts receivable is delayed as trade finance companies have difficulty securing liquidity due to the prolonged Corona 19.

I moved in time to meet the maturity, and then I ended the house down payment.

[A/Private Equity Investor: I set the balance due to maturity in October, but the funding plan would be wrong.

I couldn't do it, I just gave up the temporary down payment (20 million won).]

Investors blame the insurance company.

[Mr. A/Private Equity Investor: Since the insurance company is delaying payments, I think we need to watch the situation.

Let's wait every time, we have to see the situation.

I keep getting answers that are uncertain like this...


B, who invested 500 million won in the trade finance fund sold by Woori Bank, is in a similar situation.

[Mr. B/Private Equity Investor: It is said that it is 100% insured, and even if the company goes down, you can get it all and you don't need a war...

.] My

maturity is over 8 months and I still haven't gotten it back.

[Kim Deuk-eui/Financial Justice Solidarity: Since the insurance company (informed) that it will pay safely through insurance money, we have to think that it is a product that actually protects deposits and is a safer product than deposits.] As

related complaints followed, the Financial Supervisory Service complied with the laws and regulations. We are guiding you and looking to see if the fund has been sold.

(Video coverage: Kyunjong Kim, video editing: Jinwon Kim, VJ: Hyunwoo Park)