Discussions by experts have begun to discuss issues and support measures toward the realization of the goal of turning all new passenger car sales in Japan into electric vehicles by 2035.

This study group was jointly established by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and the first meeting was held on the 8th.

The government has set a goal of making all new passenger car sales into so-called electric vehicles such as hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, and fuel cell vehicles by 2035 toward a carbon-free society.

On the 8th, we should hear opinions from local governments such as Nagano Prefecture and Yokohama City and companies engaged in infrastructure development such as charging stations, and consider the spread of charging equipment in apartment houses and preferential measures for those who purchased electric vehicles. An opinion was given.

In addition, a member of the expert pointed out that it is essential to create a system for mass production of storage batteries at low cost in order to electrify cars, and that the government should discuss support measures.

The study group plans to compile an implementation plan for the popularization of electric vehicles this summer.