Take advantage of spring to refurbish your home, both inside and out.


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After having hibernated all winter, the beautiful season generally instills the energy necessary to undertake work, small or large, at home.

With the days getting longer and the temperature getting warmer, it's time to get started.

Small essential jobs

Between the cold, the frost and the humidity, the houses are put to the test during the winter season.

As soon as spring arrives, a global assessment is therefore necessary.

It is first of all an opportunity to check the condition of the silicone seals in the bathroom and the kitchen, the floor coverings, the joinery and the door frames.

As soon as they are damaged, cleaning or replacement is necessary.

As for broken tiles or scratched floors, they also deserve a little time to regain their beauty.

By oiling the hinges of doors and windows and lubricating their hinges and locks, they will perform better next winter.

While the cold season does not lend itself to painting work and the summer is often too hot for such an exercise, spring is ideal for refreshing walls and ceilings whose color you can no longer bear.

Taking care of its heating

After running at full speed all winter, the heating system also needs some pampering.

Start by dusting all your radiators before purging them.

The law also requires annual maintenance of certain equipment, starting with the chimney.

Call a professional to sweep the ducts and, if possible, take the opportunity to check the condition of the joints and flashing, which may have been damaged by a strong wind.

If your boiler has an output of between 4 and 400 kilowatts, it must also be subject to an annual check-up, whether it operates on oil, gas, wood, coal or with a multi-fuel. .

Contact a heating engineer to check your device, clean it, adjust it and make an assessment of atmospheric pollutants.

Keep the certificate that he will give you.

Finally, we often forget, wrongly, ventilation.

Clean all your CMVs and make sure they are working properly.

Likewise, go over the exterior gutters and remove anything that might be clogging them.

The structural work to consider

Spring is also conducive to larger projects.

Topping the list is the time to pay special attention to the roof.

You must detect tile or slate breakage, ensure that the shingles are still properly attached and remove any traces of moss with high pressure cleaning.

The waterproofing must be impeccable, just like the insulation.

If you've been cold during the winter or your bill has exploded, roof and attic insulation should be your priority.

Remember that this empty space is responsible for 25 to 30% of thermal losses in a home.

The flocking or blowing technique makes it possible to cover the floor with a good layer of insulation, when the attic cannot be converted, while insulating panels will allow the space to be conserved if you wish to use the room.

And this type of site benefits from public aid.


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Prepare your exterior for summer

Do you want to make the most of your garden during the summer season?

It is in the spring that you must act.

We sow our lawns, we remove weeds, we replenish our vegetable garden, we prune our shrubs, we clean the deckchairs and all the garden furniture and we repair the outdoor lights that have suffered from the winter.

Do your gratings need a lick of paint?

This is the opportunity to remedy it.

And if you don't yet have a terrace worthy of the name, you might as well take advantage of this period before the hot weather to get down to business.

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