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"Dubailand" ... residential complexes at an average rent of 21 thousand dirhams for "the studio"

Sky Courts consists of 2,800 housing units distributed over 6 towers.

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A recent report by the "" website for real estate services showed that the "Dubailand" region recorded varying rental averages for the "studio" category, and for apartments consisting of one and two bedrooms, according to each residential complex within it, according to the data for the year 2020.

The "Dubailand" area combines residential real estate with service and entertainment facilities, and is characterized by a variety of properties that it includes, ranging from studios and apartments, to luxury villas.

The "Sky Courts" project, which consists of 2,800 housing units distributed over six towers, is distinguished by real estate rental rates that are within reach. The percentage of search for apartments for rent in these towers within the search engine «» 64.6%, and the project units scored less The average rental value in the "studio" category is 21 thousand dirhams, while the average rental value for a one-room apartment is 30 thousand dirhams annually, and for two rooms and a hall, it is 41 thousand dirhams.

Sky Courts towers include apartments for rent of varying sizes. The project also features a range of amenities and recreation, including swimming pools, multiple play areas for children, six fully-equipped gyms, and multiple shops, as well as four huge floors dedicated to parking The cars of the residents of the project, and more than 800 additional parking spaces for visitors.

In turn, the Majan complex recorded a search rate of 20.9% for apartments for rent, while the average rent for the “studio” was 24 thousand dirhams per year, and a residential apartment of one room and a hall was 36 thousand dirhams, and an apartment of two rooms and a hall reached 54 thousand dirhams annually, while the average The rental value of a three-bedroom apartment is around 75,000 dirhams.

As for the search rate in the "Living Legends" complex, it reached 4.1%, at a time when the average rent for a "studio" was 25 thousand dirhams annually, compared to 41 thousand dirhams annually for a one-room apartment, and 58 thousand dirhams for a two-bedroom apartment.

The average rental value of a three-bedroom apartment is around 71,000 dirhams annually.

The complex is famous as a whole for its nine-hole golf course, with a wide range of service and entertainment facilities.

In the same context, the "Windsor Residential" tower recorded a search rate of 2.5%, while the average rental value of a "studio" in the area was 21 thousand dirhams per year, for an apartment consisting of one room and a hall of 40 thousand dirhams, and a two-room apartment and a hall of 47 thousand dirhams annually.

"Windsor Residential" is located in a strategic location in "Dubailand" near Al Ain Road. It consists of 26 floors above ground, a ground floor and three floors underground.

Four floors of the building have been designated as car parks.

Of the important areas in "Dubailand", as well as the "Layan" area at the intersection of "Al Qudra" and "Emirates" streets.

The complex is characterized by providing a variety of luxurious and varied real estate, as it includes many distinctive apartments, and includes all facilities and services.

The rate of search for apartments for rent in Layan was 2.4%. As for the annual rental rates, it amounted to 73,000 dirhams for a two-room apartment, and 89,000 dirhams for a three-room apartment.

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