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The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of companies and the demand for these

high-value-added technological services


It is not just about coping with a more volatile healthcare environment, it also means strengthening more efficient and productive processes.

Telefónica Tech is a success and growth story that responds to these needs.

It was born in November 2019 as one of the five pillars of Telefónica's new strategic plan and encompasses the digital businesses of Cybersecurity, Cloud and IoT & Big Data.

After completing the carve-out process, Telefónica Tech is a

fully operational holding company

that contains two companies: Telefónica Cybersecurity & Cloud Tech (integrates cybersecurity and cloud services), whose CEO is María Jesús Almazor, and Telefónica IoT & Big Data Tech , whose CEO is Gonzalo Martín-Villa.

This division grows in double digits, manages to outperform its competitors and presents attractive potential for future growth.

In 2020, the holding company

increased its revenues by 13.6%

compared to the previous year, almost tripling the growth of the market thanks to its integrated offering, its operating capacity, its commercial channel and its broad customer base.

Jose Cerdán, CEO of Telefónica Tech, assures that "the great challenge now is for the tech businesses to continue growing in a sustained and differential manner

above the market

, helping to capture the opportunity of the B2B segment for the Telefónica Group. Telefónica Tech will serve the more than 5.5 million B2B customers of the Telefónica Group ".

The recent integration of the Cloud and Cybersecurity businesses will allow to accompany the B2B client in a

multi-cloud environment with security

and offer a fully integrated and simplified value proposition.

Telefónica Tech will serve the more than 5.5 million B2B customers of the Telefónica Group

José Cerdán, CEO Telefónica Tech

In 2020, revenue from Cloud services grew by 20.6% as a result of the growing migration to the cloud and double-digit growth in Saas (+ 59.6% year-on-year), and in Iaas & Paas (+22.3 %) powered by public cloud services.

This strong evolution

is supported by access to 24 global data centers

and key agreements with leading hyperscalers.

The multicloud offer has been reinforced with the update of the Virtual Data Centers in four countries (Brazil, Chile, Colombia and the USA) and the launch in Spain of the VDC with Edge Computing.


In Cybersecurity, revenues rose 12.5% ​​more last year thanks to

more than 1,500

highly qualified security


, 12 own centers for intelligent security operations and global strategic alliances.

The progress in digitization seen in the last year accentuated the importance of having

cybersecurity solutions

that protect companies from the increasingly sophisticated attacks of cybercriminals.

Revenues from IoT and Big Data services increased 0.8% in 2020 and IoT accesses reached 23.0M (+ 4%).

Thanks to its new industry solutions, customers continue to benefit from a differentiated offering that offers an opportunity to improve revenue and efficiency.

Telefónica Tech may expand in the future if new business opportunities with such potential appear and it is open to acquisitions that complement the portfolio.

At the moment, it

leads the technology services market

in the B2B segment, since it has positioned itself as one of the most relevant players in new generation IT services in Europe and Latin America.


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