Build an industrial ecosystem and let numbers add value in circulation

  ■Our reporter Gu Yiqiong

  In March of Yangchun, the Shanghai North Blockchain Ecological Valley is continuously growing.

This ecological valley not only has a first-class environmental ecology, but is also building an ecological industrial chain. At present, more than 20 blockchain companies have gathered.

In particular, the Blockchain Technology Research Institute of Shanghai Academy of Sciences, which participated in Zhangjiang's major project, will also settle in Eco Valley.

The institute has broken through the key technologies common to blockchains such as cross-chain and sandbox, and will provide strong support for the development of the industry.

  As of the end of last year, the Shibei High-tech Park, which covers an area of ​​only 3.31 square kilometers, leads the city’s development zones in terms of unit land tax output; there are more than 170 core big data companies recognized by the Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission in the park, accounting for three of the city’s total One part.

Digital transformation has allowed this park, which once relied on “counting chimneys” to measure production capacity, to quickly shake off the smoke and dust and stand on the cloud. While realizing its own leapfrog development, it exerts a strong magnetic field effect and becomes Shanghai’s most abundant data resource and data enterprise. In the areas with the most concentrated data application scenarios, an industrial iteration of "cloud-digital-intelligence-chain" has been built around the digital economy.

  Realize the value-added of data and realize the "profit" of the industry

  Up to now, not only big data centers and big data transaction centers have settled in the park, but also more upstream and downstream companies involved in the "digital intelligence" industrial chain are also gathering here, and relying on the industrial chain to empower themselves and achieve new development.

  Shibei High-tech Park has also attracted data element resource platforms such as the National Engineering Laboratory of Big Data Circulation and Transaction Technology, the Shanghai Supercomputing Center Big Data Industry Incubation Base, and the Amazon AWS Joint Innovation Center, as well as a large number of key enterprises and leading enterprises.

In June last year, the major project "Shibei Blockchain Ecological Valley" founded by Shanghai Science and Technology Co., Ltd., which brought together blockchain companies, was also completed in the park.

  Digitization empowers the park and the industrial chain, and it also exerts a strong magnetic field effect.

  Throughout the world, the era of big data has brought about new trends in industrial transformation and innovative development.

Shibei High-tech understands the strategic significance of big data in this way: it is not only in mastering huge information data, but also in mining, processing, analyzing and disposing of these meaningful data on the basis of the full flow of elements, so as to realize the value-added of data and realize the "profitability of the industry". ".

  Currently, Shibei High-tech Park has gradually established an industrial ecosystem of "trading institutions + industrial funds + innovation bases + development alliances + research centers".

  With the full flow and value-added of data resource elements, some small companies have emerged-"Xiaopeng Motors" has completed its listing in the United States; "Thermal Image Mechatronics", which focuses on the field of intelligent temperature measurement, is preparing to apply for listing on the Science and Technology Innovation Board; and "focusing on brand e-commerce" "Baozun E-commerce" quickly occupied the first echelon, and the total number of global well-known brand partners exceeded 250.

  Some leading companies have also achieved further development.

  Recently, the unmanned driving of rail transit lines 15 and 18 have been repeatedly "liked". Passengers standing at the front of the car, through the window of the car, can see the tunnel "speeding" in front of them.

The operation of unmanned trains relies on the digital control system, and its provider is the rail transit control system giant CASCO.

  CASCO not only established the "Municipal Railway Intelligent Dispatching Command System Engineering Research Center" in the Shibei High-tech Park, but also joined hands with upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain to jointly develop and release "smart stations", "intelligent operation control", and "intelligent verification and training" in the park. "The 10 smart rail transit scenes in three categories show the future of smart rail transit.

  Build a list to facilitate the circulation of data elements

  Facing the "14th Five-Year Plan", Shibei High-tech Park is actively connecting with the construction of the Shanghai Global Science and Technology Innovation Center, and actively supporting the construction of the national big data comprehensive pilot zone.

  First, comprehensively improve the level of facilitation of the circulation of data elements-in the field of big data, focus on the construction of big data industry bases, and promote big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other digital intelligence industries to achieve core technological breakthroughs and cross-industry collaborative innovation.

In particular, the city's big data center platform will be used to build a public data open list, promote public data openness, and build the first batch of data open pilot areas in Shanghai.

Continue to promote data circulation and transaction mechanism innovation, and explore cross-border data circulation rules.

  Second, build a blockchain ecological valley, with “blockchain + big data” as the main line, focusing on key areas such as “digital finance, data transactions, and cross-border trade”, and building a “blockchain perception and application display center”.

Build a "digital twin" for the development of the park to serve the new development of the digital and intelligent economy.

  Shibei Blockchain Ecological Valley is exploring the industry application demonstration of blockchain technology, which can be used in the fields of inspection and testing, certification of talents, intellectual property protection and other fields, and to empower traditional enterprises in the park.

For example, using blockchain technology to convert scenarios such as commercial consumption, building energy consumption, corporate economic contribution, corporate employee volunteer services and other scenarios into blockchain points. After the companies and employees earn points, they can enjoy parking, training, catering, and fitness. And other types of concessions.

  According to reports, the park will also build a functional platform for the city’s blockchain technology research and development and industrial transformation, focusing on the development of 5G+ ultra-high-definition video industry, 5G+ smart city, digital twin, financial technology, industrial Internet, smart medical and other emerging industries, and launch a series of Application scenarios with breakthrough innovations and leading demonstrations enable digital not only to empower the industry, but also to use the market and value.