China News Service, Xining, March 5 (Sun Rui) On March 5, Qinghai Provincial Market Supervision Bureau Party Group Member and Deputy Director Ran Qingkun stated at a press briefing that in 2020, Qinghai Province will focus on production licensing, safety and environmental protection, and people’s livelihood concerns. In key areas such as production and circulation, 803 key enterprises in the production and circulation fields have implemented supervision and random inspections of 72 kinds of 1192 batches of products, with a pass rate of over 90%, realizing "people's livelihood is guaranteed."

  As the "3.15" International Consumer Rights Day is approaching, the Qinghai Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Provincial Party Committee Cyberspace Affairs Office, Provincial People’s Procuratorate, Provincial Public Security Department, Provincial Department of Commerce, Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, and Provincial Market Supervision Bureau , The Provincial Communications Administration, the Xining Central Branch of the People’s Bank of China, and the Provincial Consumer Association jointly held a press conference to inform the whole society of the effectiveness of the work of protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers in 2020.

  Ran Qingkun introduced that since 2020, the Qinghai Provincial Market Supervision Bureau has paid close attention to the "four major safety" supervision and adhered to the bottom line of ensuring the safety of people's livelihood.

  The Qinghai Provincial Market Supervision Bureau adheres to the principle of “food is the heaven for the people”, formulates food safety sampling inspections, risk classification, food risk prevention and control in rural and pastoral areas and other policies and measures, and implements campus food safety protection, catering quality and safety, and remediation of counterfeit and inferior food in rural pastoral areas, etc. The "three major enhancement actions" continued to promote the three-year comprehensive management of small food processing workshops.

In 2020, 39,000 batches of food inspections were completed, with a pass rate of 98.2%, a quantitative grading rate of catering service units of 91%, a construction rate of "bright kitchens and bright stoves" over 90%, and 523 food violation cases were investigated and dealt with, effectively cracking down on and deterring food violations. criminal behavior.

  At the same time, the establishment of a "medicine safety net", formulate the implementation rules for the record management of ethnic medicine preparations, publish standard guidelines such as the preparation methods of Tibetan and Mongolian medicinal materials and the acceptance of preparation rooms of medical institutions, so as to promote the high-quality development of the ethnic medicine industry in Qinghai Province.

Establish a quality management system for the entire process of vaccine circulation and use, and standardize the vaccine management system.

And continue to implement the "Drug Safety · Blue Arrow Escort" action to weave a "medicine safety net" for the masses.

  The Qinghai Provincial Market Supervision Bureau has also continued to carry out a three-year special rectification of special equipment safety in the province, strengthened the investigation of hidden dangers such as elevators and boilers, and strengthened the safety protection of special equipment during key periods.

We inspected 2881 units using special equipment, seized 37 sets of equipment, 54 cases were filed, and 1 case was transferred to the judicial authority, with a fine of 736,800 yuan; 44 complaints were accepted, with a settlement rate of 100%, and nearly 38,000 sets of special equipment were inspected. No special equipment safety accidents occurred in the whole province throughout the year.

  Ran Qingkun said that in the next step, the Qinghai Provincial Market Supervision Bureau will continue to exert efforts in innovating market supervision mechanisms, improving the effectiveness of supervision and law enforcement, strictly observing the bottom line of the "four major safety", safeguarding the interests of the people, optimizing market competition order, and strengthening consumer rights protection. . (Finish)