Chinanews client, Beijing, March 6 (Reporter Wu Tao) 5G mobile phones usher in a wave of chip shortages.

A person in charge of a mobile phone brand said, "It's not a shortage, but an extreme shortage." Another mobile phone company told a reporter from that "the industry is generally short of chips and is evaluating the impact."

Chip shortage spreads to multiple industries

  Recently, Lu Weibing, the president of Xiaomi China, said on Weibo that “the chip is too short this year, not a shortage, it is extremely lacking.” However, some manufacturers said that there is no shortage of chips.

For example, there are media reports that the OPPO relevant person in charge denied that the OPPO chip is out of stock.

However, the OPPO relevant person in charge told a reporter from that “industry shortages are common.”

Screenshot of Weibo.

  In fact, many companies in the industry report that there is a shortage of chips, from cars to mobile phones, even routers, cameras and other chips.

  Weilai Chairman Li Bin said on the 2020 earnings conference call that chips will have a very large impact on the supply chain, and it does have some impact on Weilai’s second quarter of 2021, but at present, it is basically able to meet the normal plan. Everyday changes are great, "Although it can meet our needs, the risks are high."

  Communication industry expert Xiang Ligang said that in the first half of this year, the shortage of chips will also be transmitted to other areas that require chips. It is predicted that the shortage will gradually ease in the second half of this year.

  Recently, Tian Yulong, chief engineer and spokesperson of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that chips involve more basic issues, including materials, processes, and equipment, and involve a relatively long industrial chain.

For the high-quality development of the chip industry, one is to increase tax reductions for enterprises, and for integrated circuit companies to reduce and exempt corporate income tax during the self-profit year; the other is to further strengthen the foundation.

Will the price of 5G mobile phones increase as a result?

  After the shortage of mobile phone chips appeared, many netizens worried about the price increase of mobile phones.

Some netizens said, "If you want to buy, hurry up, and the price of a high-configuration mobile phone will definitely increase." Some netizens said, "It doesn't matter, it's a big deal to stick to the old mobile phone for another two years."

Some netizens worry about the price increase of mobile phones.


  Some netizens said that after the release of many new mobile phones in previous years, there were also shortages in a few weeks.

"Don't trust these mobile phone manufacturers. Some mobile phones will not increase their prices because they are not selling well, and they will hide their chips out of stock."

  Independent telecommunications analyst Fu Liang told a reporter from that 5G mobile phones will not increase in price, but the price reduction will be smaller, and the price reduction cycle will be prolonged. It is difficult for the price of 5G mobile phones to drop significantly in the first and second quarters of 2021.

  Another analysis pointed out that the chip shortage phenomenon may even affect the shipment of mobile phones in the next two years and will decline.

  Will the chip shortage really affect mobile phone production?

OPPO told a reporter from, "We are also evaluating this issue internally, but if the upstream has an impact, production will be adjusted accordingly."

  At present, mobile phone shipments are still growing rapidly.

According to the latest data from China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, in January 2021, domestic mobile phone shipments were 40.12 million units, an increase of 92.8% year-on-year; domestic market 5G mobile phone shipments were 27.278 million units, accounting for 68% of mobile phone shipments during the same period.

Why is the chip scarce and how long will it last?

  Xiang Ligang analyzed that it was affected by many aspects, including the epidemic, heavy snowfall in the United States, etc., "and the company's expectations of the market, in order to prevent risks, increased stocking." It is reported that Qualcomm's full range of material delivery time has been extended to 30 weeks. the above.

  In addition, with the rise of the consumer electronics industry, the demand for chips is increasing.

According to data from the American Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), global chip sales in 2020 will be US$439 billion, an increase of 6.5% year-on-year.

Image source: Screenshot of research report released by Founder Securities.

  According to a research report released by Founder Securities, from 2021 to the third quarter, the semiconductor industry is in the stage of "volume parity rise" and is severely out of stock. The main reason is that the epidemic has driven the online economy and the explosive innovation of new energy vehicles has caused upstream demand to skyrocket. But the effective supply has declined.

  After understanding this information, do you think the price of mobile phones will increase? Will you buy them in the near future?