China News Service, Hefei, March 5 (Liu Hao and Pengfei He Pei) Multiple departments of Bengbu City, Anhui Province recently jointly released the "Special Development Plan for Ultra-Low Energy Consumption/Photoelectric Buildings in Bengbu City (2020-2035)" (hereinafter referred to as "Planning" ), aiming to build Bengbu City into China's first photoelectric building demonstration city, and strive to achieve "double leading" in the development of ultra-low energy and near zero energy buildings, and building thin-film photovoltaic applications.

  Bengbu City took the lead in promoting the application of thin-film solar power products in buildings in Anhui Province. The applied area has exceeded 170,000 square meters, the installed capacity has reached 24 MW, and the average daily power generation is about 80,000 degrees. It saves 8,500 tons of coal and reduces carbon dioxide emissions. 22,000 tons.

  In accordance with the requirements of the "Plan", Bengbu City will make every effort to promote building energy conservation and emission reduction, and strive to build ultra-low energy consumption buildings of 2.04 million square meters and nearly zero energy consumption buildings of 100,000 square meters within 5 years, and promote photovoltaic buildings of more than 40 million square meters. Installed 1.892 million square meters of thin film modules, with an installed capacity of about 365 MW, realized new energy saving of 115,300 tons of standard coal, and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 302,100 tons.

By 2035, a total of 5 million square meters of ultra-low energy consumption buildings and 300,000 square meters of nearly zero energy buildings will be built, and photovoltaic buildings will continue to be promoted, with 4 million square meters of thin film modules installed, and an installed capacity of approximately 560 MW.

  Bengbu City also took the lead in formulating the "Technical Regulations for the Integration of Thin-Film Solar Power Generation Systems and Buildings" in China, as well as supporting the publication of the "Copper Indium Gallium Selenide Thin Film Solar Power Generation System Products Promotion and Application Plan in Urban Construction Projects."

In terms of strong industries, the company developed the "first set" of major technical equipment such as the intelligent transmission system for thin-film solar cells, built the first 300MW copper indium gallium selenide power generation glass production line with independent intellectual property rights in China, and stabilized mass production of copper indium gallium selenide power generation glass The "first batch" of new materials fills the domestic gap and breaks the foreign monopoly.