Many catering entrepreneurs and retailers have to puzzle in order to find a suitable solution for the rent owed or even rent arrears with the renting parties, according to a report by

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"The popular image is that the landlord is sitting on a bag of money. But retail properties have to be maintained by owners. In addition, many owners will have to pay interest to the bank", is quoted retail expert Lennard Magis of real estate advisor JLL.

Still other tenants depend on the rent for their family income.

On the other side are retailers and catering entrepreneurs who have seen almost their entire turnover go up in smoke due to the corona crisis.

Given the great diversity of issues that are in trouble, customization is required.

"We treat a tenant who is allowed to remain open, such as a fresh food store, chemist or liquor store, differently from catering establishments that have to be closed by the government," said a spokesman for real estate investor Wereldhave.

Hold store files up to the light

A complicating factor is that some stores have doubts about their future-proofness, making rental discounts difficult to account for.

"At a certain point, giving a rent discount no longer helps."

Involved declare to

De Telegraaf

that tenants and landlords reach mutual agreement in 80 percent of the cases.

In 20 percent of the cases, this results in letters and bailiffs.

That gives us food for thought about the future image of the shopping street, says the retail expert.

"If that tap of government support is turned off, large retail chains will start looking at their store base. Which ones will stay open, which ones have to be closed. The coming months will be very interesting."