The KOSPI index surpassed the 3,000 line for the first time in early January.

The index, which has been locked in the box of 2,000 units since 2007, has exceeded the 3,000 line in 13 years and 5 months.

The number one contributor to the 3,000-era stock price index is the so-called'Donghak ant'.

The process of buying ants, which started last year, continues until this year, and it is estimated that the population invested in stocks reaches 8 million.

The ants are changing amid the stock investment craze.

It is becoming a'smart ant' that studies and invests in more depth, freeing from the past abandonism, dark investment, and single-shot trading.

You are getting smarter through YouTube channels, various communities, and study groups.

I met a stock YouTuber who is famous for covering the daily lives of ant investors, such as housewives studying stocks and investment club meetings.

The stock investment craze has led to a significant increase in individual investors and evolving investment capabilities, but psychological anxiety has not changed much from before.

In stock-related internet cafes and communities, it is not difficult to find articles about stock price trends all day long, unable to focus on the main job, and lost large losses from overseas investments.

The recent volatility of the stock market has increased the number of people who visit psychiatry.

Experts predict that this year's stock market will be completely different from last year.

The KOSPI index, which had risen sharply, continues to adjust around the 3,000 line.

Volatility is growing amid concerns over interest rate hikes, and there are observations that a full-scale correction has begun due to a short-term surge.

In a market that is completely different from last year, individual investors sought advice from experts on how to respond.

This week's SBS <News Story> will focus on how individual investors should deal with this year's stock market, which has changed from the evolving Donghak ant amid the stock investment craze.