The government has decided to continue to suspend Go To Travel nationwide for the time being as the state of emergency is extended in one city and three prefectures.

Go To Travel, which offers discounts on travel prices, has been suspended nationwide since the end of last year due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

The government has postponed the resumption of Go To Travel as the state of emergency is extended in one city and three prefectures, and will suspend it nationwide for the time being.

In the future, when resuming, the policy is to strengthen infection prevention measures, and we are considering limiting the discount target to travel that does not cross prefectural borders and resuming operation on a prefectural basis and gradually expanding the target I will.

In addition, we are considering expanding support measures, such as subsidizing expenses for accommodation facilities and travel agencies to strengthen measures against infectious diseases.

However, within the government, there are voices calling for a reduction in the amount of subsidy, which has been set at a maximum of 20,000 yen per night, and we are carefully designing the system when resuming.