China News Service, Xi’an, March 5 (Reporter Zhang Yuan) The reporter learned from China Railway Xi’an Bureau Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xi’an Railway Bureau) on the 5th that the departure station of the China-Europe train (Xi’an) will be officially launched on April 1. The name was changed to "Xi'an International Port Station".

  The departure station of China-Europe Express (Xi’an) is located at Xinzhu Station on the North Ring Line of Xi’an Hub. It is a first-class station under the jurisdiction of Xi’an Railway Bureau and the return destination of China-Europe Express (Xi’an). It mainly handles whole trains and one stop. Cargo loading and unloading business such as whole pieces and containers.

Since the establishment of the station in 2006, from a fourth-class station with only 7 lines that can only handle train transfers and no freight yards, to a first-class station with 53 lines and yards, Xinzhu Station relies on Xi'an's unique geographical advantages, with the help of the "Belt and Road" to build east wind, has become the largest international logistics hub central station in Northwest China.

  In order to speed up the construction of the China-Europe Railway Express (Xi'an) assembly center, give full play to the role of the strategic channel of China-Europe Railway Express, and build a dry-port multimodal railway logistics hub, upon the suggestion of Xi'an Municipal People’s Government, Xi’an Railway Bureau requested instructions and China National Railway Group Co., Ltd. After the study was approved, from April 1, 2021, the Xinzhu Station on the North Loop of the Xi'an Hub will be officially renamed "Xi'an International Port Station".

  After the station is renamed, it will accelerate the construction of the China-Europe Express (Xi’an) assembly center, make every effort to enhance the domestic and international visibility of Xi’an International Port and China-Europe Express (Xi’an), build China’s largest inland port, and play a positive role in the development of Shaanxi’s export-oriented economy. The promotion effect.

  In recent years, large enterprises such as the Xi'an Railway Bureau and China Railway Container Corporation have used the China-Europe Express (Xi'an) as the starting point, based on the functions of the new station, and jointly established the Xi'an International Port District with Xi'an City with complete facilities and complete functions. It is a railway logistics hub with advanced technology, fast and efficient, and first-class service, and has successfully been approved as China's first batch of land-port type national logistics hubs and the second batch of national multimodal transport demonstration bases.

  Since the opening of the first China-Europe train in Shaanxi on November 28, 2013, there have been 15 China-Europe train (Xi'an) international routes from Xinzhu Station, covering 44 countries and regions, basically realizing Central Asia, South Asia, West Asia and Full coverage of major sources of goods in Europe.

The cumulative number of China-Europe Express (Xi'an) trains exceeded 8,000.

In 2020, the China-Europe Express (Xi'an) will operate 3720 trains throughout the year, transporting 2.811 million tons of cargo, a record high.