Specialized in digital marketing for companies, the Sendiblue company has 150 permanent contracts available across the world in 2021, including around fifty in Paris.

Guest of "La France Bouge", the company's HRD, Verica Pavlovic, details the available positions as well as the profiles of the candidates sought. 


The week # Europe1Solidaire may be over, Europe 1 continues to mobilize for the employment of young people, particularly affected by the crisis caused by the coronavirus.

And in this period when digital communication is even more important, Sendiblue is recruiting 150 people, including "a little more than 50 in Paris", explains at the microphone of France Bouge Verica Pavlovic, the HRD of this company which offers a set digital marketing services for businesses. 

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No training desired for customer-related positions

The company, which currently has 420 employees spread across Germany, India, the United States, Canada and France, is looking for several types of profiles.

"Account managers, key account customer managers, but also more technical positions such as product designers" or people who work in "data".

Note that it is not necessary to have specific training for positions related to customers, nevertheless it is imperative to speak a foreign language to be able to claim any job. 

As Sendiblue is present in several countries around the world, fluency in English is very important, argues Verica Pavlovic.

Likewise, "if you have to like working in digital marketing" to flourish within this company, the HRD is looking for candidates who like change.

"We are in an environment that moves very quickly and we are constantly learning," she recalls.

In addition, candidates must know how to "take initiatives, but also be humble, benevolent, and not hesitate to help others". 

Details of the offers 

How many posts?

 150 positions to be filled for 2021 around the world.

Around 50 jobs in Paris.

Types of positions?

 We are looking for customer service managers, account managers, customer support staff.

For these positions, no training desired.

For positions as product designer and product manager, we are looking for people with already experience.


 Speak different languages, especially English.

Or ?



 Throughout the year.

What type of positions?

 CDI only.

The profile ?

We are going to look for people who will be enthusiastic, who will take initiatives.

Who have the ability to take an interest in the product being offered, to understand it.

A person who is a force for proposal and initiative, with a strong mutual aid value.

For some positions, we will look for people who already have initial experiences.

Compensation ?

 According to each profile.


 on the jobs.sendinblue.com website