The state of emergency for 1 metropolitan area and 3 prefectures has been extended for 2 weeks, and major restaurant chains will continue to shorten their business hours to 8:00 pm, but the izakaya chain will resume operations of stores that were closed. There is also.

The food service industry has been greatly affected by the extension of the declaration, and there are calls for additional support from the government.

Watami, a izakaya chain, will resume operations of 80 stores that were closed after the state of emergency in January, and Kushikatsu Tanaka will resume operations of more than 40 stores that were closed after the 6th.

Both are open until 8 pm.

In anticipation of the cancellation of the declaration, it has already procured ingredients and will resume business in order to maintain employment such as part-time jobs.

Family restaurant chains Gust, Royal Host and Denny's will continue to reduce business hours in one of the three prefectures where the declaration will be extended.

Major department stores will continue to shorten business hours in the target areas.

According to a summary of industry groups, sales of izakaya in January fell by more than 70% from the same month last year, which has had a major impact on the food service industry.

As an extension of the declaration, the food service industry is calling for additional government support to protect employment.