There is also an interpretation that this phenomenon is the exploding of consumer sentiment that has been suppressed for more than a year due to coronavirus.

Of course, opening a wallet by people will help save the economy, but this polarization of consumption, created by the difference in spending, is a task that we must solve even if the corona disappears.

Next is Jeon Yeon-nam reporter.


A travel agency has released travel products that can be used for one year from the point when overseas travel is officially possible.

In two hours, products worth nearly 3 billion won were sold.

[Park, Sang - Jin / Travel buyers: you dont have the time that is coming my always had a little thing called Although starting the vaccination times may yet take a trip come soon because the expectations for it (bought)

department was opened the last door is too many crowds As they flocked in, they decided to conduct their own two-part weekend vehicle program.

Consumption sentiment rose for the second consecutive month as the weather had eased and vaccine expectations were raised.

It is an analysis of the so-called'retaliation consumption' phenomenon in which repressed consumption sentiment erupts.

[Eunhee Lee/Professor of Consumers Department at Inha University: A lot of consumers learned how to manage the corona situation.

With vaccination, domestic consumption is expected to increase considerably in the future (expected.)] We

are also excited about the recovery of industries that have been hit hard, such as offline distribution, service, travel, and aviation.

For the Korean economy with sluggish domestic demand despite the recovery in exports, the recovery in consumption is expected to have a positive effect on growth.

However, as asset prices such as real estate and stock markets rise after the coronavirus, and income polarization intensifies, there are concerns that the consumption recovery tax concentrated only on the upper income brackets may stimulate a sense of relative deprivation.

In addition, the fact that the timing of reaching collective immunity is flexible, and concerns about a recurrence of corona caused by mutant viruses remain, which is a rock of consumption recovery.

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