The number of farmers is falling a little more every day in France.

This is why it is essential to train them.

On the set of the program "La France Bouge", installed exceptionally in a farm in Thiverval-Grignon in the Yvelines, the director of AgroTech Paris, Gilles Trystam, launched an appeal to the students of agricultural high schools to follow a training in engineering.

"Come to the schools which train agricultural engineers, come to the masters. There is a need and there will be more and more need", says Gilles Trystam, in the direction of the students of agricultural high schools.

The general manager of AgroTech Paris received Thursday the team of the Europe 1 program

La France Bouge

in the school farm, in Thiverval-Grignon, in the Yvelines.

For Gilles Trystam, the observation is clear: the number of farmers continues to drop.

And the problem is "that there will be a lot of farm takeover needs in the coming years, whatever the nature of these farms," ​​he explains.

Before adding assuredly: "we should train more."

The AgroTech Paris school therefore trains farmers but also "everything that is downstream of agriculture, because agriculture is not a whole in itself", assures the director of the engineering school. 

Ecology and digitization, challenges for tomorrow's agriculture

And the agricultural professions are in the process of being reinvented thanks to digitization.

Agriculture "has always been scientific", declares Gilles Trystam, "on the other hand, making the link between science and its application shorter, more obvious and assisted is new".

The director points to major issues, particularly with regard to soil management and the connection with the knowledge that exists on the living in these soils. 

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Other challenges: to combine agriculture and ecology.

"We talk a lot about 'one health' translate into 'a single health' between animals, plants, the environment and humans", explains Gilles Trystam.

And that, the new generations of farmers are more and more aware of it.

For him, there is already today among young people "more commitment, motivation and desire to change something".