The Hague dean of the Bar Association has started an investigation into the lawyers who work at the office of state attorney Pels Rijcken, the FD reports.

He says he is upset about the fraud by the former top executive of the office.

It would have funneled millions into private accounts.

The regulator wants to find out whether lawyers from the office were also involved in the million-dollar fraud.

There are no indications for this yet, he says.

The office says it is cooperating with the investigation.

On Tuesday it was announced that ex-director Frank Oranje has transferred money from customers to his own accounts outside the company for years.

He would also have forged documents before that.

Orange died in November last year.

In the meantime, Minister Ferd Grapperhaus (Justice) has investigated whether government money has also been stolen.

He has commissioned the Houthoff law firm for this.

According to him that is not the case, but NRC came out with an investigation on Thursday evening which shows that money would have been taken away from municipalities because Orange managed a fund with municipal money.

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