Ten years after the Great East Japan Earthquake, an event to collect and sell specialty products from the Tohoku region has begun at a major supermarket.

This event was started on the 4th by the major supermarket Aeon Group to support the disaster area by eating Tokusanhin specialties. There are 400 kinds of folk crafts such as ekiben and famous confectionery in the store in Koshigaya City, Saitama Prefecture. More than 2 products are lined up.

This store has a large selection of products from Fukushima prefecture, and also sells branded rice that you can't usually buy at this store, as well as fresh fish caught that day.

In addition, the colorful bento that was developed in collaboration with high school students in Minamisoma City, Fukushima Prefecture, uses seafood from Fukushima such as surf clams and shirasu, and a video message of students who want to enjoy the taste of their hometown is also introduced. I am.

On the 4th, many shoppers visited from the morning and bought the items they liked.

A woman in her thirties said, "I want to know the goodness of Tohoku in my immediate surroundings and not forget about Tohoku and the earthquake."

Yoshiaki Doi, the manager of AEON STYLE Laketown, said, "I'm glad if you can eat at home and cheer for me while I can't go out or travel because of the corona sickness. Was there.

This event will be held from the 4th in Saitama Prefecture and the 3 northern Kanto prefectures, and from the 5th to the 7th in other areas of the country.