China News Service, Hangzhou, March 3 (Qian Chenfei, Chen Wen) On March 3, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport (hereinafter referred to as Hangzhou Airport) opened the Hangzhou-Shenzhen all-cargo route.

The route maiden voyage at 2 o'clock that day, the flight number is YG9101, carrying 11.2 tons of cargo departed from Hangzhou, and the return flight arrived in Hangzhou at 7:25 with a return cargo volume of 13.8 tons.

  It is reported that this route is operated by YTO Airlines, which runs six days a week. It is the first domestic all-cargo aircraft scheduled for Hangzhou Airport (except SF HUB) this year, and it is also the first domestic all-cargo aircraft newly added at Hangzhou Airport in the past two years. route.

The opening of this route is aimed at serving the domestic cycle and bringing momentum to the economic recovery and development after the epidemic.

  Both Shenzhen and Hangzhou are cities with a high proportion of e-commerce businesses. The goods on the Hangzhou-Shenzhen all-cargo route are mainly e-commerce goods. After operation, it can greatly improve the timeliness of logistics guarantee for e-commerce.

  The reporter learned that while the new domestic all-cargo flight routes were opened, Hangzhou Airport was also continuing to improve its international shipping capacity. At present, 17 international all-cargo flight routes have been opened.