Yahoo Japan and LINE, major IT companies, have decided to strengthen the dissemination of information useful for disaster prevention, such as diagnosing disaster risks based on location information and proposing what to do.

Based on the business integration on the 1st of this month, Yahoo Japan and LINE will strengthen information dissemination useful for disaster prevention and aim to provide necessary information according to the situation of users.

Specifically, based on the user's location information, we plan to develop a function that uses AI = artificial intelligence technology to diagnose the risk of disasters and propose how to act.

In addition, the company plans to jointly develop a mechanism to find a safe evacuation center nearby and guide the way, and a function to match the supplies required by the victims with the supplies provided as support.

Prior to this, Yahoo will start an initiative on the 4th to inform the LINE app of information such as heavy rain warnings and warnings, and earthquake seismic intensity provided by the app.

Kiyotaka Eguchi, executive officer of LINE, said at a briefing on the 3rd, "I want to provide an optimal system according to the situation of disasters where user needs change from moment to moment, and aim to become a disaster prevention powerhouse Japan."