The former chairman of the board of state attorney Pels Rijcken has been guilty of fraud, according to the office.

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) is also investigating the now deceased managing partner Frank Oranje, who as a civil-law notary would have funneled large sums of money into private accounts outside the company.

Pels Rijcken was informed by the Public Prosecution Service in September 2020 that an investigation into Orange was ongoing, the office reports in its own statement.

The law firm then opened an external investigation by accountancy firm Deloitte.

The Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service (FIOD) has been investigating the suspicious transactions since 2019. Because Orange died in November last year, the Public Prosecution Service decided to slow down with this investigation.

Another factor in this was that prosecutors want to await Deloitte's final investigation report and then determine whether additional investigations are necessary.

According to the law firm, its own investigation shows that Orange has transferred money to private accounts through various detours for years.

These were bills containing money that was kept by notaries at the firm, but intended for someone else.

Orange would have forged documents, among other things, to make these transfers appear in order.

Pels Rijcken emphasizes that the prominent law firm is not a suspect in the criminal case and is fully cooperating with the criminal investigation.

According to the company, there are also no indications that other employees were involved in the fraud.

However, Pels Rijcken has tightened internal controls in consultation with Deloitte.

The office does not disclose how much money is involved in fraud.

The office is consulting with the executor of Orange about compensation for Pels Rijcken.

The amounts diverted have since been replenished and will reach the rightful claimants, according to the office.