Swedish car maker Volvo Car has announced plans to turn all cars it sells into electric cars by 2030.

Volvo Car announced on the 2nd that it plans to gradually reduce the number of cars equipped with engines, including hybrid cars, and to make all cars sold by 2030 electric cars.

Electric vehicles are sold only online, and the role of traditional stores is to inspect and repair.

"We chose to invest in the promising businesses of electric vehicles and online businesses because profitability is important to our success," said Volvo Carr, a fast-growing luxury electric vehicle. Aiming to be a leader in the field of

In Europe, where environmental regulations for cars are becoming stricter, each country has indicated a policy to ban the sale of new cars such as gasoline cars in the future.

Under these circumstances, following the announcement last month that the British Jaguar Land Rover will make the "Jaguar" an electric vehicle-only brand four years later, Ford of the United States will turn all passenger cars sold in Europe into electric vehicles by 2030. We are proposing to do, and the movement to steer electric vehicles is accelerating among manufacturers.