Minister Sigrid Kaag (Foreign Trade) has postponed a digital trade mission to Qatar.

The country is under fire because migrant workers who build stadiums for next year's World Cup are being treated badly.

Many of them are said to have died during the construction of the stadiums.

"At some point you also have to be willing and dare to send out a political signal and that's what I did," said Kaag.

The House of Representatives therefore believes that no government delegation should attend the football tournament.

The discussion in the House does not leave the cabinet unaffected, says a spokesman for the minister.

Kaag believes that the World Cup should also be reviewed at European level.

Qatar has not yet responded to the postponement.

The Chamber responded last week to reports in the British newspaper

The Guardian

that at least 6,500 migrant workers were killed in the construction work for the World Cup.

Minister Stef Blok (Foreign Affairs) advised against the motion on the initiative of the SP not to send a delegation, because he believes that sports and politics should not be mixed.

Kaag will now first consult with Qatar about working conditions in the Gulf state.

According to her, there has long been a call for improvement of the human rights situation.

No new date has yet been chosen for the trade mission.

The online program Gamen met Politici of the


was the first to report that the mission is canceled.

Mission to Oman and Emirates will continue

The economic mission focuses on the water, energy and food sectors and would last from March 22 to April 1.

Oman and the United Arab Emirates are also 'visited' in these days.

The digital trade mission to these countries will continue as usual.

Last week, Kaag said in a TV program where she spoke as the D66 party leader, that the Dutch national team should not participate in the World Cup in Qatar.

Trade missions have recently been canceled more often, but that happens because there is less interest from the business community due to corona.

In 2018, a trade mission to Saudi Arabia was canceled after the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

He was killed at the Saudi consulate in the Turkish city of Istanbul.