“The problem of Nord Stream 2 for Ukraine lies in two things: firstly, the income is simply banal for the fact that there is a pipe there.

It was built in Soviet times, Ukraine receives money for it, not investing much in modernization ... Gradually, the pipe still loses its reliability, so they lose money, but their loss will not happen with the launch of Nord Stream 2.

The fact is that at the end of 2019, a five-year contract was signed for the transit of gas through Ukraine, with the presence of the "download or pay" condition ... Therefore, the launch of Nord Stream 2 will not lead to a decrease in income for four more years, "he explained. Yushkov. 

He noted that the second problematic point is the gas supply to Ukraine itself.

“Because now all the gas that Ukraine imports is Russian ... Gas comes from the east, that is, from Russia to Ukraine, where the Ukrainians consume it, and according to the documents, there is an offsetting, as if this gas is bought by Ukrainian companies from European traders, and European traders have Gazprom ... Therefore, when transit stops, accordingly, virtual reverse schemes will be impossible, and it will be necessary to physically pump gas from Europe to Ukraine.

This is a more expensive option, ”the specialist explained. 

At the same time, Yushkov stressed that Russia has always offered to cooperate, but Ukraine refused.

“Therefore, there are more emotions here and you have to blame yourself,” the analyst explained.

Also, according to the expert, this statement is intended for domestic consumption in order to reassure the Ukrainians themselves. 

Earlier, Kobolev announced that Ukraine was ready to launch Nord Stream 2.