The Japan Securities Dealers Association, which is made up of securities companies nationwide, has officially announced the appointment of Toshio Morita, president of Nomura Securities, the largest in the industry, as the new chairman.

As a result, Mr. Morita will retire from the president of Nomura Securities.

According to the announcement, the Japan Securities Dealers Association decided at the committee meeting on the 2nd that Nomura Securities President Toshio Morita will succeed the current Chairman Shigeharu Suzuki.

As he will officially take office on July 1, Mr. Morita will retire from the president of Nomura Securities.

Mr. Morita is 59 years old from Tottori prefecture.

He joined Nomura Securities in 1985, and has been the president since April 2017 after working as managing director and vice president.

It is the first time in four years that a graduate of Nomura Securities has become chairman of the Japan Securities Dealers Association.

In the future, as the number of overseas investors increases, we aimed at young people to realize how to connect the activation of the stock market to the formation of financial assets of domestic individual investors and the goal of "from savings to investment". Challenges include enhancing investment education.

Meanwhile, Nomura Holdings, which owns Nomura Securities, has announced that Kentaro Okuda, CEO, will also serve as President of Nomura Securities.