Companies are actively promoting hydrogen energy, the food of the future.

SK, Hyundai Motor, and POSCO have decided to build a so-called'hydrogen ecosystem' that produces, distributes, and utilizes hydrogen by investing 43 trillion won.

Reporter Han Sang-woo reports.


SK and Hyundai Motor Group agreed that hydrogen is an essential element for achieving a carbon-neutral society.

This is the background to cooperate in building a hydrogen ecosystem in which hydrogen production, distribution, and utilization are organically carried out.

SK is planning to invest 18 trillion won in hydrogen economy over the next five years to build the world's largest liquefied hydrogen plant plant in Incheon, and to create a so-called'hydrogen cluster' in which companies related to the hydrogen industry are concentrated.

It is a declaration that it will convert the existing petrochemical infrastructure into a hydrogen ecosystem.

Some of the hydrogen produced in this way is supplied to Hyundai Motor Company's hydrogen cars, and Hyundai Motor Company has also announced that it will invest 11 trillion won in the construction of hydrogen cars and charging stations.

In addition, POSCO plans to invest KRW 43 trillion in the hydrogen industry by five large companies, including KRW 10 trillion, KRW 1.3 trillion and Hyosung KRW 1.2 trillion, for the development of hydrogen reduction steel.

The government has decided to systematically support private enterprise investments to achieve results.

[Sae-gyun Jeong/Prime Minister: I look forward to the government and the private sector working together to create a new history.]

The government aims to realize a carbon-neutral society that virtually eliminates carbon dioxide emissions from industrial production and energy consumption by 2050.