An additional 200 billionaires in China during 2020 despite "Corona"

200 people joined the club of billionaires in China during the past year as a result of the boom in stock markets and a number of companies, which compensated for the damage caused by the "Corona" pandemic.

On the other hand, in the United States, only 70 people joined the club of billionaires, bringing the total number of people in the country to 696 billionaires.

China, from which the Corona virus spread, achieved an economic boom last year, while the rest of the large economies in the year suffered great damage as a result of the pandemic.

China was the only one among the major countries that achieved growth in its economy, as the gross national product increased by 2.3%, while the US economy was subject to a contraction by 3.7%, Germany's economy was subject to a contraction by 5%, and the economy of the United Kingdom by 11%.

China's growth has helped the emergence of new billionaires, the most important of whom is the owner of the giant "Nangfu" water bottling company, Jung Shanshan, who has become the richest man in China, after beating the Chinese billionaire, Jack Ma, who dropped from the summit during the past 12 months.

Shanshan currently owns an estimated fortune of $ 85 billion after the emergence of his "Nangfu" brand, which sells in addition to water, coffee, tea, and all kinds of juice.

According to the "Harran" list of the world's richest people, China continues to occupy the leading position as the country that produces the largest number of billionaires in the world, adding 490 billionaires during the past five years compared to the United States, which added 160 billionaires only.

Economists believe that China could overtake the United States and become the largest economy in the world by 2028.

China took advantage of the "Corona" pandemic to consolidate its position as an important player in the world, providing about half a billion doses of vaccines to 45 countries to help them recover from the pandemic, including countries in South America.

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