An increase of 3% is the highest since the beginning of 2021

605 thousand seats on flights at the country's airports this week

The UAE market is ranked third in seat capacity on international flights.


OAG International, which provides airport and airline data, revealed that airlines operating in the UAE's airports will operate a total of 605,612 seats on flights during the week that began on the first of this March, compared to about 587,885. Seats in the previous week, with a growth rate of 3%, the highest since the beginning of this year.

The corporation’s data, a copy of which was obtained by Emirates Today, showed that the UAE market continued to record continuous growth rates during the past weeks, with national carriers resuming their operations to more destinations around the world, indicating that the current total seat capacity constitutes about 41%. Of capacity in the corresponding period of 2020, which amounted to more than 1.47 million seats.

According to the data, airlines in the Middle East will occupy about 2.2 million seats this week, a decline of about 2%, compared to the previous week, indicating that the UAE market accounts for more than 27% of the total capacity occupied by airlines. In the region as a whole.

The corporation indicated that airlines occupied a total of 2.1 million seats during last November, increasing to 2.49 million seats in the following December, 2.57 million during January of this year, and 2.35 million seats in February 2021.

According to statistics, airlines in the UAE market will operate, this week, 2555 scheduled flights, compared to 2,478 flights in the previous week, indicating that these companies operated in total about 8,900 flights during last November, and 10.3 thousand flights in December, To increase to more than 10.6 thousand in January 2021, and 9.9 thousand in February.

The UAE market ranks third in seat capacity on international flights, while Dubai Airport ranks first in the list of the largest airports in international capacity.

Cautious recovery

OAG confirmed that the global travel capacity will continue to recover this week by about four million additional seats per week, an increase of 7%, but indicated that airlines in general remain cautious about the coming months with the removal of 39 million additional seats until End of May.


Airlines in the

UAE market operates 2555 flights scheduled in a


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