55.3 thousand people, an increase in the total population of the emirate by the end of 2020

271 thousand people The number of citizens in Dubai

The number of non-Emiratis had reached 3.1 million by the end of 2020. Archives

Data by the Dubai Statistics Center showed that the population of Emirati citizens reached 271,50 people at the end of last year 2020, compared to 263,450 people in 2019, with an increase of 7,600 people, and a growth rate of about 2.88%.

According to the data that Emirates Today obtained a copy of, citizens made up about 8% of the emirate’s total population at the end of last year.

The data indicated that the number of non-Emiratis had reached 3 million 140 thousand and 150 people by the end of 2020, compared to 3 million 92 thousand and 450 people in the previous year, with an increase of 47,700 people, with a growth rate of more than 1.54%.

The total population of Dubai by the end of last year reached 3 million 411 thousand and 200 people, compared to 3 million 355 thousand and 900 people, with an increase of 55 thousand and 300 people, and a growth rate of more than 1.64%.

The number of families living in the Emirate of Dubai increased during the past year to 598 thousand and 870 families, compared to 579 thousand and 120 families in the previous year, with a growth rate of about 3.4%, and the number of family members in 2020 reached about 2.6 million people, with an average of 4.3 members per family.

According to the data, the number of individuals present in the emirate during the normal peak hours at the end of last year 2020 reached about 4.42 million, as more than one million people working in the emirate, residing outside it, and temporary residents will be added to the usual resident population.

The importance of counting the movement of individuals who are present during the usual peak hours, along with the residents of the emirate, to determine the necessary needs in terms of infrastructure, security services and others.

The population increase is due to the fact that the emirate of Dubai is a global economic city that attracts investors and expertise, which is exceptionally reflected in the rate of population growth, and the number of Dubai’s population increased from 183 thousand in 1975 to 689 thousand in 1995, to exceed the one million population for the first time in 2005. And the barrier of two million people in 2011, and three million people in 2018, recording significant growth rates.

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number of families in Dubai rose during the past year to 598,870 families.

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