The relevant person in charge of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission said

  The risk of online lending stock is significantly reduced

  Beijing, March 1 (Reporter Wang Junling) The reporter learned from the relevant departments of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission that with the joint efforts of relevant departments and localities, the special rectification of online lending risks has achieved decisive results, and all online lending institutions have ceased operations. , The stock risk is greatly reduced, and the supervision system is gradually improved.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, under the leadership of the Financial Committee of the State Council, the special rectification work strictly follows the principle of "stabilizing the overall situation, overall coordination, categorized policy implementation, and precise bomb disposal", adheres to the bottom line thinking, seeks progress while maintaining stability, and has taken a series of measures. , Such as: strictly regulate "cash loans" and "campus loans" and other businesses, carry out industry-wide compliance inspections; establish a real-time monitoring system for online loan risks, and launch a data reporting system for online lending institutions, and conduct transaction payments and capital positions on the operating platform , Overdue conditions, the network of shareholders and actual controllers, etc. are all included in effective management and control; newly registered online lending institutions are strictly prohibited, and online lending institutions are strictly prohibited from changing shareholders at will; anti-money laundering inspections are conducted on more than 50 high-risk institutions to fully grasp the capital status and Flow direction and so on.

At the same time, public security organs proactively attacked institutions with serious violations of laws and regulations and strong public feedback, filed cases in a timely manner, and arrested nearly a hundred criminal suspects fleeing, forming a powerful deterrent.

  The person in charge said that the current risk situation in the field of online lending has fundamentally improved.

The focus of the next phase of work will shift to the establishment of a long-term mechanism for online lending institutions to deal with existing risks and online lending risk supervision.

  The first is to strengthen management and control, strictly prohibit new online loan matching businesses, and urge relevant agencies to formulate clear redemption work plans and emergency plans; the second is to innovate working methods, comprehensively using various methods such as institutional transformation and local asset management companies to assist in resolution to improve The lender’s repayment rate; the third is to resolutely crack down on malicious evasion of debt and promote more institutions to access the central bank’s credit investigation system; the fourth is to speed up the progress of judicial trials and asset disposal, increase the coordination of the asset recovery and disposal involved in the case, disclose the progress of disposal in a timely manner, and respond Reasonable appeals of lenders; Fifth, improve the long-term mechanism of online loan risk supervision, deepen the reform of the financial supply side, accelerate the construction of a multi-level, wide coverage, and differentiated financial institution system with reasonable division of labor to meet the diversified needs of the society for financial services. From the source, curb the growth of non-governmental illegal financial activities.

  “In the next step, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission will continue to do a good job of filling up the shortcomings of the regulatory system, further improve the banking and insurance regulatory system, make every effort to build a long-term risk prevention and control mechanism, and continue to lead the high-quality development of the banking insurance industry.” The person in charge Say.