They registered 2.65 million hotel nights ... and the occupancy rate rises to 69%.

Dubai receives 452,000 international tourists last January

Data from the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Dubai (Dubai Tourism) showed that the emirate received 452,000 international tourists last January.

According to the data, which Emirates Today obtained a copy of, India came in the forefront of the markets for international visitors to Dubai, during January 2021, registering more than 124,000 visitors, followed by the United Kingdom with 28,000 visitors, while the total number of visitors from Russia has about 27 thousand visitors, followed by France in fourth place with 22 thousand visitors.

Egypt recorded about 16 thousand visitors in fifth place, while Nigeria ranked sixth with 13 thousand visitors, and 12 thousand each for the United States and Pakistan, compared to about 10 thousand visitors for each of the Sultanate of Oman and Kazakhstan.

By the end of last January, the number of hotel rooms in Dubai reached about 127,814 hotel rooms, within 711 hotel establishments.

The luxurious five-star hotel rooms acquired 35% of the total volume of the hotel market in Dubai, after they reached 44 thousand and 212 hotel rooms, out of 134 hotel facilities, followed by the four-star rooms by 27%, recording 34,944 Hotel rooms, among the 161 properties.

In turn, hotels classified between three stars and one star acquired about 18%, with a capacity of 22,701 hotel rooms, within 228 hotel establishments, while the number of medium and luxury hotel apartments facilities reached 188 establishments, including 25,957 apartments, with the acquisition of apartments 20% of the total hotel capacity in Dubai.

The occupancy rate in all hotel establishments in the emirate reached 69%, during January 2021.

The data showed an increase in the stay of guests to 5.3 hotel nights, while the number of reserved (rooms) nights reached 2.65 million nights, while the average daily price for a hotel room reached 425 dirhams, to record the return of available rooms about 293 dirhams.

The South Asia region ranked first in terms of the source of visitors to Dubai, according to the geographical region, after it acquired 32% of the total number of visitors, followed by Western Europe with 20%, while Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States accounted for about 16% of the total number. Visitors.

The share of the Middle East and North Africa region reached 10% of the total number of visitors, and Africa 9%, compared to 5% for the American market, and 4% for each of the countries of North and Southeast Asia, and the countries of the Cooperation Council for the Arab Gulf States.


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