<Anchor> As more

people visit convenience stores and the variety of products they sell, the sales of three convenience store companies surpassed department stores last year.

Some things have become more natural to shop at nearby convenience stores, and the fact that consumers sell what they want is analyzed as a reason for growth.

Next is Jeon Yeon-nam reporter.

<Reporter> This

is a convenience store that specializes in selling vegetables such as lettuce and onions, fish paste, sikhye, and food in wine.

As the number of single-person households increased and more consumers shop at convenience stores, the number of specialty food stores increased to 220 nationwide.

Here, consumers can buy a variety of food.

Average daily sales are 66% more than regular stores.

[Eunjung Jeon/Yongsan-gu, Seoul: I think it comes 3~4 times a week even if I can't.

It is close, and there is nothing that is not in convenience stores these days, so there are ingredients and tofu used for cooking.]

Last year, sales of three convenience stores accounted for 31% of sales in offline distribution, surpassing sales of three department stores for the first time.

Convenience stores are showing rapid growth as the number of stores increased by more than 2,000 last year with accessibility as a weapon.

The rapid change in response to consumer needs is considered a growth factor.

By expanding the sales items, which were mainly daily necessities, to cosmetics, home appliances, fresh foods, and fashion, etc., in addition to the advantages that can be accessed anywhere in the country, they are evolving into'small department stores'.

[Seo Yong-gu/Professor, Sookmyung Women's University, Business Administration Dept.: It is playing the role of a playground for the MZ generation in that it continues to create brand new services while competing fiercely.

It is also being evaluated like this.] It is

also competing with online commerce by jumping into delivery services and delivery services that are available 24 hours a day and are inexpensive.

However, there are some tasks to be solved, such as a decrease in sales per store due to excessive openings, and conflicts between the headquarters and affiliated stores due to controversy over opening stores in proximity.

(Video editing: Park Seon, VJ: Jung Min-gu)