China News Service, March 1 According to news from the China Consumers Association website, the China Consumers Association released an analysis report on consumer rights protection during the Spring Festival on the 1st.

The report pointed out that although the information on “consumption rights protection” during the monitoring period showed a trend of volatility, the number of relevant public opinions on a daily basis was relatively balanced.

This year's "Spring Festival" holiday consumer negative information is mainly concentrated in several aspects such as amusement facilities, movie viewing services, and fireworks display.

  The news shows that under the background that the overseas epidemic situation continues to spread, the domestic epidemic situation is effectively controlled, and the whole country advocates "Chinese New Year in situ", the Spring Festival consumer market in various regions is becoming more and more active.

The movie market frequently breaks box office records, tourist attractions are full of people, and the retail and catering markets have increased significantly year-on-year.

All levels of health, cultural and tourism, safety supervision, market supervision and other relevant departments and consumer organizations have done their best to create a safe and secure consumption environment and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

  According to monitoring data from the Ministry of Commerce, from New Year’s Eve to the sixth day of the first month (February 11-17), the nation’s key retail and catering companies achieved sales of approximately 821 billion yuan, an increase of 28.7% compared with last year’s Spring Festival Golden Week and compared with 2019 Spring Festival Golden Week. An increase of 4.9%.

  According to data released by the National Film Administration, from February 11th (New Year’s Eve) to 17th (the sixth day of the first lunar month) this year, the national movie box office reached 7.822 billion yuan. Following the 5.905 billion yuan in 2019, it once again broke the national movie box office record for the Spring Festival. At the same time, it has created a number of world records such as the global single-market single-day box office and the global single-market weekend box office.

  In order to further understand the real feedback of consumers during the "Spring Festival" period under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, focus on consumption hotspots during the small and long holidays, effectively resolve consumer disputes, and give full play to the role of social supervision, the China Consumers Association used the Internet public opinion monitoring system to report on 2021 From February 11, 2010 (New Year's Eve) to February 19, 2021 (the eighth day of the first month), the relevant consumer rights protection situation was analyzed by online big data public opinion.

1. The basic situation of public opinion on consumer rights protection

  During the 9-day monitoring period from February 11 (New Year's Eve) to February 19 (the eighth day of the first month), a total of 7,037,718 items of "consumer rights protection" related to "Spring Festival" were collected, with an average daily information volume of approximately 780,000 items.

During the monitoring period, although “consumer rights protection” information showed a trend of curve fluctuations, the number of relevant public opinions was relatively balanced every day, with the highest number of 1068943 on February 19 (the eighth day of the first month).

  In terms of information dissemination channels, the "consumption rights protection" information dissemination channels during the "Spring Festival" period mainly include Weibo, client, WeChat, websites, forums, news, etc.

Among them, Weibo has the highest amount of information, accounting for 45.15%; next is the client, accounting for 25.62%; third is WeChat, accounting for 16.46%.

2. Concentrated areas and typical cases of consumer rights protection issues

  During the monitoring period, a total of 1,129,429 pieces of "Tucao" and "consumption rights protection" information were monitored through the public opinion monitoring system, accounting for 16.05% of the total "consumption rights protection" information.

  This type of information reflects consumers' negative comments on the goods and services they receive, and has the "sensitive" attribute that triggers negative public opinion on consumer rights protection. This report summarizes it as "consumer rights protection" negative and sensitive information, and focuses on analysis .

  Monitoring found that during the Spring Festival in 2020, online ticketing, anti-epidemic supplies, catering and accommodations that many consumers complain about did not appear concentratedly. The negative information on consumption during the Spring Festival holiday this year was mainly concentrated in amusement facilities, movie viewing services, fireworks display, etc. aspect.

  (1) The flow of Internet celebrity attractions is large, and there are many accidents in amusement facilities

  During the monitoring period, a total of 123,656 pieces of negative information related to "amusement facilities" were collected, and the number of daily public opinions was relatively stable. During the holiday period, there were relatively more negative information related to amusement facilities on February 14 (the third day of the first month).

  During the Golden Week of the Spring Festival, public opinion on amusement facilities was mainly concentrated on the incident of a high-altitude project in Shaoyang, Hunan, which caused more than a dozen people to be injured. After relevant media reports, online public opinion attracted a lot of attention.

In addition, on February 18th, a red bridge on a net in Mianyang, Sichuan was broken, resulting in injuries to several tourists and a high degree of public opinion.

  Typical case 1: "Flying high" flying chair out of control, more than ten tourists were injured and sent to hospital

  @新京报Our video: "[#湖南邵阳一廣場高空設計間雙機會# More than ten people were injured] On February 13th, the "Flying High" project of Shaoyang Amusement Park in Hunan failed, and the flying chairs of tourists were out of control. On the ground, some tourists on the seats fell with the seats, and some tourists standing around were injured. The local public security, first aid and other departments came to the scene to rescue the injured, and the injured were transferred to the hospital in batches. The Shaoyang County Party Committee said, The accident caused more than ten people to be injured and sent to hospital."

  Typical case 2: The draw hook of the suspension bridge broke, and many people were injured when they fell to the ground

  @博点视频: "[Thrilling! #Sichuan Mianyang一网红桥裂多人坠伤#] On February 18, in Fulehua Township, Youxian District, Mianyang City, Sichuan, the local tourist amusement project Net Red Bridge suddenly broke. Several tourists fell on the ground, causing minor injuries to several of them. After the incident, 120 ambulances rushed to the scene, and the doctor treated the injured and sent them to the hospital for further examination. The relevant departments are still investigating the cause of the accident. Investigate."

  On February 19th, @ boiling point video: "# Mianyang involved scenic area has closed for rectification# At about 4:10 pm on February 18, 2021, the entertainment facility "net red bridge" bridgehead steel frame hook at Fulehua Township, Xinqiao Town The rupture caused 5 injuries, and none of the 5 wounded were in danger of life. After the incident, the Emergency Management Bureau of Youxian District of Mianyang City and the competent industry authorities have instructed the owners to suspend business for rectification."

  (2) Movie ticket prices soaring, theater safety concerns

  During the monitoring period, a total of 100,259 pieces of negative information related to “movie watching services” were collected.

The amount of daily negative information fluctuates greatly, with an average of about 11,139 pieces per day. The amount of public opinion information reached its peak on February 15 (the fourth day of the first month).

  Judging from the public opinion feedback monitored this time, due to the substantial increase in the box office of Spring Festival movies and the high popularity of many Lunar New Year films, the amount of relevant public opinion information has also increased significantly.

Some netizens complained about the increase in the box office, and the price of movie tickets also increased a lot.

In addition, the concentration of carbon monoxide in a movie theater in Zhejiang exceeded the standard, and many people were sent to the hospital, which also caused widespread public concern.

  Typical case 1: Movie ticket prices are too expensive and price increases are too arbitrary

  A little bit of information Beijing Daily: Audiences complained that the Spring Festival movie tickets are too expensive, and the theater responds: because of short supply, prices will be cut after the seventh day

  "Movie tickets are too expensive" and "look down on movies" have become a common phenomenon in many audiences this year.

According to the data of the Beacon Professional Edition, the national average ticket price for this year's Spring Festival (statistics are from the first to the fifth day of the day) is 49.1 yuan, which is 4.5 yuan higher than the average ticket price for the Spring Festival in 2019, an increase of 10%.

Among them, the first-tier cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen have increased significantly, which is 10.5 yuan higher than the average ticket price of the first-tier cities in the Spring Festival in 2019.

  Li Xu, the manager of the Tian'anmen store in Poly Studios, said frankly that his theater has experienced three price increases during the Spring Festival this year.

"We started selling tickets for the New Year's Day on January 29. As soon as 30% of the games were opened, we saw that they sold very quickly, so there was the first round of price increases, from about 50 yuan to about 60 yuan. It is approaching. During the Spring Festival, I found that everyone adjusted it to seventy or eighty yuan, then they all adjusted it to seventy or eighty yuan. After the first day of the new year, even if it rose to seventy or eighty yuan, the sales speed did not drop, so it went up another ten or twenty yuan. At this time, the audience's ticket purchase speed returned to a relatively normal level. The price range was maintained throughout the Spring Festival."

  Typical case 2: The theater viewing environment is poor, many people feel dizzy, vomiting and send to the doctor

  @每日经济新闻: "[#浙江一电影院邊還會這人送医# Preliminarily judged to be caused by excessive carbon monoxide concentration】According to the "Dongyang Release" news, at 18:00 on February 17th, Xintiandi Cinema, Weishan Town, Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province Several people in a movie theater experienced dizziness, vomiting and other physical discomforts while watching the movie. Dongyang City immediately arranged for the above-mentioned personnel to go to the hospital for examination and treatment, and organized all 63 people in the movie theater to go to the hospital for health check-ups.

  Based on the on-site environmental testing and the blood test results of people who are unwell, it is preliminarily judged to be caused by excessive carbon monoxide concentration.

At present, none of the medical inspectors is in danger of life, and the premises involved have been temporarily closed. The specific reasons are under further investigation.


  (3) Internet celebrity fireworks are banned from the sale of firecrackers

  During the monitoring period, 79,717 pieces of negative information of “fireworks and firecrackers” were collected.

The daily average is around 8,857.

Public opinion information was concentrated on February 12th and 13th (first and second day of the first month).

  During the Spring Festival, there were many accidents of children setting off fireworks and firecrackers. The safety risks of cold fireworks and steel wool fireworks caused concern. All the “steel wool fireworks” sold in physical stores and online platforms were required to be removed from the shelves and properly disposed of.

  Typical case 1: Fireworks detonated a sewer pipe, Chongqing girl was bombed and killed

  @ Swirl video: "[Chongqing Yi# girl detonated septic tank when fireworks is off, unfortunately, the government is dealing with follow-up work] February 13, Chongqing. Netizens broke the news that a girl in Hechuan District on the evening of the 12th caused a sewer explosion while playing with firecrackers According to the Beijing Youth Daily, some witnesses said that during the incident, they heard loud noises and multiple manhole covers were exploded. On the 13th, a staff member of the Hechuan District Government stated that the fall of fireworks and firecrackers at the time of the incident may have detonated the septic tank. The accident led to the unfortunate death of the little girl."

  Typical case 2: Bear children throw firecrackers and cause trouble, guardians must strengthen supervision

  @央视新闻: "[Caution! #Multi-places frequent children launching fireworks and firecrackers accidents#] Recently, Zhejiang Hangzhou two #children threw firecrackers into the sewer and the road surface was bombed and collapsed#; in Changsha, Hunan, a child threw firecrackers into a bungalow , The fire is fierce; two children in Foshan, Guangdong set off fireworks on the grass, causing an area of ​​about 200 square meters...The temperature of the fireworks can reach 1000℃ or more at the moment when they are set off, which is very easy to cause accidents. Remind parents: look after the children and have a safe Chinese New Year! "

  Typical case 3: The flame temperature is as high as 2000 ℃ "steel wool" is completely banned for sale

  @人民日报: "[Internet celebrity "steel wool" is very dangerous! Security Committee Office of the State Council: #Steel wool must be all off the shelf#] "Steel wool" directly ignites metal filaments, and its flame (spark) temperature is extremely high ( Up to 2000℃). On the 16th, the Office of the State Council Security Committee deployed a request to severely crack down on the use of steel wool as fireworks production, sales, and display according to law; the "steel wool fireworks" currently sold in physical stores and online platforms, They must all be removed from the shelves and disposed of properly."

3. Consolidate the main responsibility of safety and

continue to improve the consumer experience

  The high-altitude flying chair is out of control, the amusement suspension bridge is tilted, the fireworks detonate the manhole cover, the carbon monoxide exceeds the standard, and the cold light fireworks are banned....


The multiple personal safety accidents that occurred during the Spring Festival holiday have become the biggest hotspots and pain points of public opinion.

  The right to safety is the basic right of consumers to be protected by law. Consumer safety involves the most concerned, most direct and realistic interests of the people, and it is also the foundation and guarantee for the sustained and healthy development of the consumer market.

The theme of the 2021 Consumer Rights Protection Year is "Guardian Security, Smooth Consumption".

This is an inevitable requirement to promote the construction of a new development pattern, a practical action to thoroughly implement the new development concept, a strong support for achieving a good start and a good start in the new development stage, and a faithful practice of people-centered development thinking.

  In response to the hotspots and pain points of personal safety accidents that public opinion is concerned about during the Spring Festival, the China Consumers Association puts forward three suggestions.

  (1) Fulfill the responsibilities of market entities.

This year, various localities advocated "Chinese New Year in situ". The number of tourists in some nearby outings and rural scenic spots has increased dramatically, posing severe challenges to the reception and safety guarantee capabilities of the scenic spots.

The flying chair in operation during the holiday season is out of control, which makes people doubt whether its daily safety maintenance is in place; the "net celebrity" suspension bridge has loose load-bearing ropes and the bridge deck is tilted. Its quality and safety management are also questionable. .

The main body of the market is the first person responsible for consumer safety. It is recommended that the main body of the market raise their ideological awareness and establish a "safety first" business awareness; implement the main responsibility, achieve layer-by-layer decomposition and implementation; adhere to the problem-oriented, earnestly carry out self-examination, and timely Find problems and solve them; strengthen risk investigation and resolutely prevent consumer safety accidents.

  (2) Implement supervision and management responsibilities.

To strengthen industry supervision, it is recommended that the supervision and management department put consumer safety in a prominent position, strengthen daily supervision and inspection, and change "post supervision" to "pre-supervision", plug consumer safety loopholes, and stick to the red line of consumer safety.

Judging from the hot spots of public opinion during the Spring Festival, personal safety accidents involving public facilities tend to occur frequently, and some even paid a heavy price in their lives, adding a touch of pain and sorrow to the festive and happy New Year holidays.

The reason is that in addition to the lack of awareness and ability of the perpetrator and the inadequacy of relevant guardianship, it is also related to the fact that the relevant responsible units have not tightened the string of safety supervision.

  The safety of public facilities such as "small manhole covers" is related to the "big people's livelihood". It is recommended that relevant responsible entities increase the intensity of standardization and rectification, and promote the advancement of supervision gates to effectively plug the loopholes in safety accidents.

Strengthen daily supervision and inspection, establish a responsibility investigation mechanism, and implement safety responsibilities to people.

  At the same time, a warning sign was added to enhance the public's ability to take precautions actively.

Schools, communities, and parents must put child safety education first and perform their guardianship duties to prevent similar tragedies from happening again.

  (3) Continue to improve the consumer experience.

The skyrocketing movie ticket prices are ostensibly driven by the market, and in-depth analysis also involves the consumer experience in the transaction.

In order to pursue commercial interests, movie theaters raise movie prices and then ignore the mass attributes of movie consumption during the festival. This is tantamount to killing chickens. Once they lose the trust and understanding of consumers, it will ultimately be their own long-term development that will be harmed.

  With the continuous upgrading of consumption and the continuous improvement of the consumption environment, people pay more attention to the psychological feelings in the consumption process.

If an enterprise only pursues economic benefits and ignores the psychological feelings of consumers, it is tantamount to fishing out.

Therefore, it is recommended that market entities pay attention to credit in their business activities, keep their promises, and continuously improve the consumption experience, so that consumers can eat with peace of mind, buy with confidence, and use comfortably. Only in this way can they embark on the path of healthy development and compete in the fierce market. Be neutral and invincible.