Regarding the long-term fixed mortgage "Flat 35," the Japan Housing Finance Agency has announced that it will raise the lowest interest rate on loans for up to 35 years by 0.03 points from February to 1.35% a year in March.

Based on the recent upward trend in long-term interest rates, this is the highest level in two years and three months since December 2018.

"Flat 35" is a mortgage loan handled by the Japan Housing Finance Agency in partnership with a private financial institution, and interest rates are fixed for up to 35 years.

Interest rates vary depending on the financial institution, but the interest rate applied in March is 1.35% per year, which is the lowest interest rate when the repayment period is 21 years or more and 35 years or less and the amount borrowed is 90% or less of the purchase amount. ..

This was 0.03 points higher than 1.32% in February, the highest level since December 2018.

The Japan Housing Finance Agency says that it is based on the fact that domestic long-term interest rates are on the rise.

As for the long-term interest rate, on February 26, the yield of 10-year government bonds, which is a typical index, temporarily reached 0.175%.

In response to the rising trend of long-term interest rates, even major banks are moving to raise interest rates on mortgages.