Recently, the first imported material pushing robot in Gansu Province appeared in Jinchang, Gansu.

It is reported that the robot can automatically charge and push materials back and forth.

In the past, the feeding truck could only rely on manual push operations after feeding. Now, after the robot is on duty, it can ensure that the feed is continuously pushed according to the specified route, which can save up to 180 repetitive working hours each year, allowing the farmers to spend more energy on managing more Above the herd.

Using the robot can also improve the health of the cattle herd, increase milk production, and save fuel.

In addition to this robot, large-scale milking of cows has also been replaced by intelligence, data and information.

It is reported that the local area will further increase investment in scientific and technological innovation, withdraw scientific and technological funds based on 1.5% of operating income, and promote the construction of data and information farms.

(Reporter Li Yalong)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】