China News Service, Fuzhou, February 27th, title: Jiangxi, a major labor export province, welcomes the local "employment wave" online and offline recruitment is busy

  Reporter Li Yunhan

  "Due to the expansion of production by enterprises, the demand for labor has increased. Nowadays, more and more people are willing to stay in the local area. We are busy "recruiting troops and buying horses" these days after the festival." Recently, held in Jiangxi Fuzhou High-tech Zone At a job fair in China, Liu Hongmei, the head of recruitment of a local company, was busy recruiting for her company.

The reporter saw at the job fair in Fuzhou High-tech Zone that many job seekers were holding brochures to inquire about working hours, remuneration and other issues.

Photo by Li Yunhan

  Jiangxi is a major labor export province. According to the "Statistical Bulletin of Jiangxi Province's 2019 National Economic and Social Development", the province has 9.086 million farmers out of work in 2019.

Due to the need for the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the rapid development of the local economy, and the expansion of enterprises, after the Spring Festival this year, the province ushered in a local "employment wave", and companies were busy recruiting workers online and offline.

The reporter saw at the job fair in Fuzhou High-tech Zone that many job seekers were reading the brochures carefully.

Photo by Li Yunhan

  A reporter from saw at the job fair in Fuzhou High-tech Zone that almost every company was lined up in front of their positions, and many job seekers were holding brochures to inquire about working hours, remuneration and other issues.

In addition, at the job fair site, there is also a person in charge of company personnel conducting online recruitment in front of his mobile phone, interacting with job seekers in the recruitment live broadcast room.

  "Last year, due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, many orders were delayed. This year, our company not only carried out normal production, but also expanded the scale of production. There was a labor gap in some positions." Liu Meilan, a personnel manager of a semiconductor company, said due to market demand It is getting bigger and bigger, and the company urgently needs to fill the employment gap.

  Many people in charge of enterprises at the scene coincided with Liu Meilan’s ideas and needs. In interviews, they all expressed the need to recruit a large number of talents and migrant workers. In addition to online and offline recruitment, they will also cooperate with universities in Jiangxi Province. Docking and recruiting technical talents.

  When a company has a shortage of labor, will there be problems such as "labor shortage" and "difficulty in recruiting"?

What are the requirements of job seekers for employers?

  According to Shi Xueyi, director of the Human Resources Market Division of Jiangxi Employment Center, after the holiday, as various companies resume production one after another, the demand for employees increases, and online and offline recruitment platforms are fully launched.

Since January 21, 11 district cities in Jiangxi have held 563 job fairs during the Spring Festival, providing 543,100 jobs.

  "In the future, I plan to stay and work locally. I am older. I want to stay with my family. As long as I can stay in my hometown, the salary is low." Zhou Jingen, who came to apply for a job, just returned home from Beijing this year. At fifty, he wants to stay here and find a job.

  "It turns out that working in Suzhou, when I first learned about the salary that my hometown can give, there was still a bit of a gap, but I still want to stay, and the salary will always rise slowly." Ms. Wu, a job seeker, said, staying The salary in her hometown may not be as good as in other provinces, but here are her family and friends.

"You can't compare the wages in third- and fourth-tier cities with those in first-tier cities. Over the years, I have also seen the potential for changes and development in my hometown, and I can always get better."

  Huang Shixian, a researcher at the Party School of the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, who is engaged in social and economic development research, believes that talents are one of the key factors for the development of cities. Cities should strengthen technological innovation and industrial upgrading, while improving economic benefits, increase social benefits and attract talent employment. Entrepreneurship.

At the same time, the idea of ​​"love hometown" should be promoted to migrant workers to retain talents for local enterprises.

  "This year, the human resources and social departments in various places innovated recruitment methods, upgraded service content, and adopted various types of online recruitment methods." Chen Renhuan, director of the Public Service Division of Jiangxi Employment Center, said that this year's recruitment methods include the introduction of traditional online recruitment platforms. There are also live-streamed job delivery face-to-face, and 1+N three-dimensional job delivery service.