In order to expand the use of "hydrogen", which is regarded as an important energy for a carbon-free society, Toyota will sell the same power generation system installed in fuel cell vehicles to other companies. It was.

Toyota will sell the same power generation system that is installed in the fuel cell vehicle "MIRAI" that runs on hydrogen power, and will start selling it to companies from this spring.

A device that generates electricity by reacting hydrogen and oxygen, a converter that raises voltage, etc. are put together in a rectangular box, and it is assumed that it will be used as a power generation facility in addition to vehicles such as trucks, buses, and railroads.

Toyota aims to promote the use of hydrogen by providing the technology cultivated in the development of fuel cell vehicles to outside the company, which will eventually lead to the enhancement of infrastructure such as hydrogen stations.

Hydrogen is positioned as an important energy that does not emit carbon dioxide even in the government's action plan aiming for a carbon-free society.

Itochu, a major trading company, has also formed a tie-up with the Japanese subsidiary of a French company that handles industrial gas in the manufacture and sale of hydrogen, and the movement toward popularization is becoming more active.